Our Carpet and furniture scotch guarding is a protective coat of Teflon applied to carpet & upholstery. Allpro Carpet Cleaning offers a scotch guarding for your carpet and upholstery and all kinds of fabrics.

Scotch guarding is an invisible barrier that once applied; it makes it much easier for you to wipe stains and soil from your carpet and furniture and makes it far easier to keep them clean.

Allpro Carpet Cleaning experts will come to your residence or business and apply a high quality fast drying formula that will keep your carpet and furniture looking like new for a long time. For best results, scotch guarding your carpet and furniture is highly recommended after cleaning, to maintain the fresh, clean look and feel of your carpet and furniture


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Eco-Friendly Products

Today, various people clean their carpets and upholstery by using environmentally safe and nontoxic materials. We also use these eco-friendly products to ensure the safety of clients, pets, and the environment.

Committed to Your Satisfaction

As your service provider, we will gladly return to reclean any spots or stains that reappear within 30 days. We work hard to satisfy our customers and aim to address all their issues promptly.

The Professional Clean

Our exceptional cleaning services guarantee more satisfying results than everyday vacuuming. Our professionals are equipped with the tools necessary to keep your carpets, area rugs and upholstery spotless.